Aerial images and photography in South Florida, including Palm Beach, Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Dade, Broward, & Martin counties
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Important Facts about Drones

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Drone or Traditional Aircraft ?

Cessna panel

√ Drone Benefits   √ Aircraft Benefits   x Drone Limitations
- Great for rural / unpopulated areas
- Runs on batteries (no fuel needed)
- Limited operator skill required
- Manned aircraft are very agile
- Can carry large camera gear / multiple lenses
- Very rarely have altitude or location restrictions
- Can get to remote areas quickly, with ease
- In contact with ATC - much safer than a UAV
- Can stay airborn for hours / multiple location shooting
- Moderate winds have no impact on image quality
- Proven over decades of service

- Altitude and location restrictions
- Typically lower quality images
- Must be 5 miles away from airports
- Average 20 minutes or less flying time
- Remain clear of populated areas / events
- Highly affected by wind and weather
- Easily damaged / fragile technology
- RF may interfere causing loss of control

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Looking for exceptional, on-time aerial images? We have good news for you.


We are licensed, certified, qualified and experienced.

UAV's have their application, but because so much of South Florida's populated areas are within 5 miles of an airport, we safely use the same platform as we have for the past 25 years - a real aircraft, with a pilot and a photographer.

We can photograph from any altitude with ATC approval, typically in the 1,000 - 4,000 foot range. Outside those limits, we'll gladly quote Drone acquisition.

We are licensed and insured.

Drone or Aircraft, the choice is yours, with one simple call or click.
561.832.2336 or 800.969.1561

Who should be concerned when working in our highly regulated airspace? Everyone.

* The FAA requires pilot and drone certification, plus equipment registration. All operators require a UAV waiver.

* The minimum lawful distance from any airport is 5 linear miles (road mapping distance doesn't count). Check your location, and confirm you're not hiring someone to break the law on your behalf. It's unsafe, and puts a lot of innocent people at risk.

* The highest altitude a Drone can legally fly is 400 ft. For added safety, we limit ours to 300 ft.

* Drones must be used at a safe distance from persons and congested areas.

* To comply with regulations, we have equipment checks and keep a log of all maintenance and flight details. A 'spotter' is also required, along with a list of other safety proceedures.



No Drones!

*Know the signs

*Understand the Limits

*Follow the Rules

*Everyone Stays Safe and Happy!


Need assurance you're hiring someone who's qualified?

Just ask a few questions. Request a copy of their FAA Waiver or other documents. It's easy to hire a pro, and get this right the first time!



Aerial images and photography in South Florida, including Palm Beach, Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Dade, Broward, & Martin counties


Aerial photography and Aerials from stock photographs available by customer quote or from existing images and transparencies.